MLB Hall of Fame Snubs

As we approach the induction of the Class of 2015 into the Baseball Hall of Fame tomorrow, I see four players that without a doubt are worthy of this honor.  Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez, John Smoltz and Craig Biggio all received more than the 412 votes needed to enter in the Hall of Fame.  You would be hard pressed to find someone with a valid reason why any of these guys should not have been elected to the Hall.

That being said I cannot enter this ceremonial weekend of baseball without thinking about those who I truly believe should be in the Hall and have not gotten the support of the voters.  Undoubtedly some of these will get in over the next few seasons, but some will never receive this incredible honor.  Removing the controversial names, all of whom I think should make the Hall of Fame (Rose, Bonds, Clemens, Sosa, McGwire, Palmiero) below is the list of those who I think were snubbed.  Many of these may not have the stats that many voters require when looking at casting their vote, but if I had a vote it would be focused on those who dominated their era of baseball.  Those who were consistent all-stars or were the faces of baseball for their decade.  I am not a proponent of watering down the great Hall but cannot imagine some of these guys not being in there.

Would love to hear your list and objections on my list as I know there are some on my list who did not even receive 5% of the vote when were on the ballot


1.) Jeff Bagwell

2.) Mike Piazza

3.) Curt Schilling

4.) Jack Morris

5.) Fred McGriff

6.) Tim Raines

7.) Mike Mussina

8.) Gil Hodges

9.) Gary Sheffield

10.) Dwight Evans

11.) David Cone

12.)  Alan Trammell

13.) Larry Walker

14.) Kevin Brown

15.) Dwight Gooden

16.) Darryl Strawberry

17.) Fred Lynn

18.) Lee Smith

19.) Edgar Martinez

20.) Dale Murphy


Losing Richard Jefferson is a bigger deal than advertised


News has broken that Richard Jefferson has chosen to rethink his decision to reprise his bench role with the Dallas Mavericks and chase a ring in Cleveland as a teammate with Lebron James and the Cavaliers.  It seems the consensus among fans and media alike that this is not that big of deal.  Mark Cuban via Cyberdust said the loss of Jefferson would give more opportunity for 2015 Mavs first round pick Justin Anderson to get on the floor.  Anderson has been a huge bright spot for the Mavs in the midst of a lot of bad press over the last few weeks.  Justin’s 17.5 points on 43.4 percent shooting from the floor over six games in the summer league already has former critics singing his praises.  It seems evident that Anderson could be better than advertised, but even if he is successful is losing Jefferson meaningless?

Local sports personality Richie Whitt believes that this is a yawner and that it will not “change the ultimate direction” of the Mavericks.  While long term Jefferson was not going to be a long term contributor to the Mavericks, I believe his presence will be missed this season.  You can not place a value on a great locker room guy, who brings knowledge, humility to play his role, athleticism and skill off the bench.  Not to mention all those things Jefferson led the Mavericks in three point percentage at 42.6%.  No matter how successful Justin Anderson is, we cannot expect him to shot that kind of percentage in his rookie year while also trying to get used to the speed of the pro game.

I think team chemistry is huge and I worry that losing a guy like Jefferson who is a glue guy, a guy who everyone likes and brings everyone together is a bigger deal than we are making it.  He showed the depth of his character by handling his change of mind in a way that was honoring to Mark Cuban and the Mavericks organization.  I think losing a guy who has superstar talent although maybe diminished a bit by age who is willing to play a bench role of capable of starting a game as he did eighteen times this past season in Dallas is undervalued.  While you may not see the 5.8 points that were lost on the scoreboard each night there are some intangible qualities that left Dallas and just headed to Cleveland.  So I will cheer on Justin Anderson with all my might, but still mourn the loss of a guy who could have taught him so much about the game I love.

Romo better than Aikman?

I know living here in Dallas that the assumption that anyone is better than the golden boy Aikman is a cardinal sin but as a lifelong Cowboys fan I am going to make this statement. It could be the greatest overreaction of all-time, but I believe when all is said and done Romo will be regarded as a better quarterback than Troy. This all hinging on longevity and if he can stay healthly through out his career.


I never remember feeling so confident in the quarterbacking situation in Dallas than I do now, even during the 90’s. I know the arguments for Aikman: a stronger NFC in the 90’s, more running plays, and less weapons but I still think if you look at the stats you will be amazed at the quality of Romo’s numbers.


Romo: 22 Starts: 470 completions 717 Attempts 6220 yards 51 tds 27 int


Aikman: 26 Starts (1989-1990) 381 completions 692 attempts 4328 yards 20 tds and 36 interceptions


Even if you look at career stats most of Romo’s outweigh Troy’s


Highest QB Rating for a Season: Aikman- 99.0 ; Romo- 107.1


Highest TD Count- Season: Romo- 33 and counting; Aikman- 23


Highest Completion percentage for season: Romo- 66.0; Aikman- 69.1(in his 5th Season)


Anyone agree? Disagree? I know some must be left up to history to see if Romo can win SuperBowls like Aikman but I think Romo is amazing.

In Memory of Sean Taylor

 I did not write this., but thought it would be nice to show my respects for Sean Taylor. Sad to see someone this talented and young die, but I know God will get glory from this tragedy.

It’s a sad day for NFL fans…

~RIP Sean Taylor~ A tribute by your friends at

Early Tuesday morning Washington Redskins safety Sean Taylor died, a day after he was shot at home by what police say was an intruder. He was 24.

~RIP Sean Taylor~ A tribute by your friends at

Family friend Richard Sharpstein said Taylor’s father told him the news around 5:30 a.m.

“His father called and said he was with Christ and he cried and thanked me,” said Sharpstein, Taylor’s former lawyer. “It’s a tremendously sad and unnecessary event. He was a wonderful, humble, talented young man, and had a huge life in front of him. Obviously God had other plans.” He said Taylor died early Tuesday at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, where he had been airlifted after the shooting early Monday.

Sharpstein said Taylor’s girlfriend told him the couple was awakened by loud noises, and Taylor grabbed a machete he keeps in the bedroom for protection. Someone then broke through the bedroom door and fired two shots, one missing and one hitting Taylor, Sharpstein said. Taylor’s 1-year-old daughter, Jackie, was also in the house, but neither she nor Taylor’s girlfriend were injured.

~RIP Sean Taylor~ A tribute by your friends at

Taylor was a great up-and-coming NFL safety. Take a minute and pray for the Taylor family.

~RIP Sean Taylor~ A tribute by your friends at

So please just repost as “in loving memory of Sean Taylor.”

My NFL Power Rankings

Well all the analysts and ESPN guys can post their power rankings so I wanted to share with you the bald man’s power rankings for this NFL season.  Where am I off? Any agreement? Lets discuss it sports fans.

  1. Patriots
  2. Chargers
  3. Colts  
  4. Bears
  5. Ravens
  6. Cowboys 
  7. Eagles
  8. Saints
  9. Steelers
  10. Broncos
  11. Seahawks
  12. Bengals
  13. Jets 
  14. 49ers
  15. Jaguars
  16. Rams
  17. Panthers 
  18. Redskins
  19. Titans
  20. Giants
  21. Bills
  22. Cardinals
  23. Dolphins
  24. Falcons
  25. Lions 
  26. Packers
  27. Texans
  28. Bucs
  29. Chiefs
  30. Vikings
  31. Raiders
  32. Browns