Introvert is Not a Bad Word


Let me first say this blog is written from the perspective of an extrovert with an extreme respect for those who are more introverted. I heard a young lady in my field give a short speech last week about how she was trying to become an extrovert and somewhere deep inside of her lived an extrovert. My heart hurt, because it was obvious somewhere down the line she must have been told that being an introvert was a bad thing or would hurt her business in some way.

I think when some people hear the word introvert they picture someone standing all alone in a corner with no friends. Some people have tended in the past to paint introversion as an identical twin with social awkwardness. These depictions could not be farther from the truth.

Introversion has no impact on your ability to be socially engaging, speak in front of people or be successful in your career. My wife is an introvert and stands in front of a class of teenagers daily and teaches them English and coaches Cheerleading. She is an animated storyteller and most people who know her casually assume she is an extrovert. I know her and I know a few things about her that make her the true definition of an introvert.

In my mind an introvert is as follows:

a.) Introverts are able to be around large groups of people and be social but when those moments are over they are completely exhausted.

b.) Introverts need to recharge and refresh alone after being in long periods of social interaction where extroverts tend to recharge by being WITH people.

c.) Introverts tend to allow a smaller group of people into their inner circle and to really know them. They are more discerning and choosy about who gets to really know them.

d.) Introverts tend to be better at soul care because they have to recharge in solitude for their sanity.

e.) Introverts help extroverts create healthier boundaries for social interaction and teach them the benefits of solitude and resting your mind and spirit.

f.) Introverts hold all types of jobs with all levels of success. Do not buy into the lie that Extraversion=Success.

g.) Introverts are typically deep thinkers.

All this to say, if you are introverted embrace it. You do not have to be extroverted to be successful. The key is not to be someone else but be the healthiest version of who you are. If we will take the time to learn from those who aren’t like us, that is the moment when the most growth can happen.


One Thing


I have begun reading a book called ” One Thing” by Sam Storms and already it is renewing my spirit and my focus.  There is one quote that I thought I would share with you today regarding our purpose on this Earth.  Storm says, ” You weren’t created for boredom or burnout or bondage to sexual lust or greed or ambition but for the incomparable pleasure and matchless joy  that knowing Jesus alone can bring.  Only then in Him, will you encounter the life-changing, thirst-quenching, soul-satisfying delight that God, for His glory, created you to experience.”

Remember in all we do, His glory should be the focus and the issue.

A New Me


I have never been much for the idea of New Years resolutions because rarely do I end up keeping them.  So I am hesitant to call these New Years resolutions, but I had made a few promises to myself and Tiffany about things that I want to do now that I have finally finished seminary.  These are things I have thought about for a long time and have already begun working on since my graduation on December 14.  For so long Seminary has taken a lot of my spare time that normally would be filled with recreation and hobbies.  My desires  not for just 2008, but for the rest of my life here on Earth are:

1.) Memorize more Scripture

2.) Read more for enjoyment

3.) Eat Better

4.) Make working out a part of my life

5.) Do more spontaneous and romantic things for Tiffany

6.) Start collecting autographs again

7.) Attend more events that my students are involved in

Some of these may seem trivial and some if you know me may make you laugh, but I have never felt so free and driven in my entire life. I am already working hard at 2,3,4 and 6 and plan to get on the others starting today.

Small Victories

– I have not had a Soda in 6 days

– I have not had fast food in 6 days

– I have already completed a book this year

– I joined 24 Hour Fitness on December 27 and have been working out hard

– I have been watching my calories and writing down everything I eat since Dec 27

– I have already lost 4 pounds

More updates will come as I go, please help hold me accountable

What Dreams May Come

Have you ever had a really weird dream and wondered where the inspiration for the dream came from?  About a month and a half ago I had a dream that has been intriguing me and if I am honest given me more than one chuckle.  I figured it was time to come clean before all of the world about this amazing journey of dreams.

The dream starts with me riding down the highway in a computer chair.  The computer chair is going at a high rate of speed, like that of a nice sedan or a swift truck.  As the chair rolls down the highway I am shifting gears, as you would in any computer chair, when all of a sudden a squirrel runs out in front of my chair.  If you are not aware, computer chairs do not have breaks, so I ran over the squirrel and decapitated him.  In horror I somehow bring the chair to a stop and go back to check on the squirrel.  As I approach the squirrel, the headless animal rises from the ground and begins to viciously attack my feet.  In protection I begin to furiously kick my feet to fend off the headless monster.  I awake from my dream and I am kicking the snot out of my bed and my heart was beating like no other.  Man it was so real, and so scary, to be honest it is surprising I did not wet myself.

What does it mean???

Romo better than Aikman?

I know living here in Dallas that the assumption that anyone is better than the golden boy Aikman is a cardinal sin but as a lifelong Cowboys fan I am going to make this statement. It could be the greatest overreaction of all-time, but I believe when all is said and done Romo will be regarded as a better quarterback than Troy. This all hinging on longevity and if he can stay healthly through out his career.


I never remember feeling so confident in the quarterbacking situation in Dallas than I do now, even during the 90’s. I know the arguments for Aikman: a stronger NFC in the 90’s, more running plays, and less weapons but I still think if you look at the stats you will be amazed at the quality of Romo’s numbers.


Romo: 22 Starts: 470 completions 717 Attempts 6220 yards 51 tds 27 int


Aikman: 26 Starts (1989-1990) 381 completions 692 attempts 4328 yards 20 tds and 36 interceptions


Even if you look at career stats most of Romo’s outweigh Troy’s


Highest QB Rating for a Season: Aikman- 99.0 ; Romo- 107.1


Highest TD Count- Season: Romo- 33 and counting; Aikman- 23


Highest Completion percentage for season: Romo- 66.0; Aikman- 69.1(in his 5th Season)


Anyone agree? Disagree? I know some must be left up to history to see if Romo can win SuperBowls like Aikman but I think Romo is amazing.

Thoughts on recent readings

I have been reading a lot more lately.  I find it interesting how much I love reading when it isn’t required for seminary coursework.  Last week I read the book Letters to a Young Brother: MANifest Your Destiny by Hill Harper.  Hill Harper is one of the star’s of CBS TV show CSI:NY. Not only is Hill Harper an accomplished actor but he is a graduate of Brown University and also a honor graduate of Harvard Law School.  Although I have already faced many of the situations that Hill covered in his letters to the young man, I found many of his perspectives on life and success fascinating.  Although I did not agree with every premise he laid out, especially his constant assertion that God AND the Universe had dealt each person their circumstances, I did enjoy his discourses on working towards your dreams and goals and manifesting the destiny God has for your life.  Another plus to the book was his inclusion of answers to the yound man’s questions from many successful people such as NFL star Curtis Martin, Jamie Foxx, tennis star Venus Williams, and Senator Barack Obama.  It was a blessing to a read a book that I knew came from the heart of the author with the intent of reaching young males with a message of hope.  Specifically I believe his intent was to extend hope to the young minority males, who sometimes feel like they have no chance to succeed. I gained a new respect for Hill Harper through reading this book.

Currently I have begun reading The Irresistable Revolution: Living as an Ordinary Radical by Shane Claiborne.  This is an amazing book thus far, detailing Shane’s experiences as an intern for Mother Teresa in Calcutta orphanages and leper colonies.  I will detail more on this book when I finish.

Here is a quote from Shane’s book which is something Mother Teresa told him, ““We can do no great things, just small things with great love.”

What small things will you do this week, with great love?