The Rise of Seth Curry


It has to be a blessing and a curse to be the little brother of Steph Curry.  As someone who struggles with the comparison trap,  it must have been easy for Seth Curry to look at the success his brother was having and wonder when it would be his turn.  Stephen came out of Division 1 Davidson and was a first round draft pick in 2009 but following a stellar senior season at Duke where Seth averaged 17.5 points a game all thirty NBA teams passed on drafting the younger Curry in 2013.

Shortly after the draft started the three season journey for Seth as one of the premier players in the NBA D League.  In the 2013-14 season with the Santa Cruz Warriors he was named to the First Team All D-League Rookie Team and All NBA-D League Third Team and was named to the 2014 D League All-Star Team.  He repeated his success in the NBA D-League in the 2014-15 season with a new team the Erie Bayhawks.  In his second season he improved his scoring average to 23.8 points a game and again made the NBA D-League All-Star team and was given the honor of All NBA D-League First Team.  In spite of all his D-League success over those two seasons Seth only found his way into four NBA games, never receiving more than a 10 day contract.  Over those four games he scored three points, giving him a lifetime scoring average of .8 points a game in the NBA.

With his brother Steph winning the NBA Championship with the Golden State Warriors in the 2014-15 season it seemed that Seth came into the 2015 NBA Summer League with new focus, drive and an improved game.  Where Seth had mostly been a spot jump shooter, he had visibly grown in the areas of scoring, floor leadership, passing and improved his defensive abilities.  Team officials were a buzz over his performance in the Las Vegas summer league as he averaged 24.3 points 4.3 rebounds, 2.7 assists and 3.2 steals in 33.2 minutes per game over six games for the New Orleans Pelicans.  His unconscious performance led to multiple teams seeking to sign him to a contract at the conclusion of the Summer league.  The Sacramento Kings were able to ink the scorer to a reported two year and $2 million dollar contract as they stole him out from under the noses of the Pelicans.

By all accounts this is Seth’s year.  This year he will get the chance no one has ever given him to prove he deserves to be in the NBA for the long haul.  All who know Seth feel he deserves this shot.  Something in me pulls for him and wants to see him be the player that in the NBA that he has proved to be in the D-League.  Mark my words, this is the year that Seth Curry leaves his brother’s shadow and creates his own legacy.  Go get them young Curry, show all the teams who passed on you the mistake they made.  We are cheering you on.


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