I’m Back!!!!

Here I am again, entering the world of blogging to help release thoughts, ideas and concepts that seems to go unreleased if not expressed here.  I hope to spend more time sharing ideas on religion, sports,reading, culture, food etc over the next few months.

For my return to blogging post, I want to tell you about one of the most amazing family style restaurants in all of the United States.  Tonight, Thomas, Doug and I went to eat at Monell’sin Nashville, Tennessee.  This was my second visit to Monell’s in the last year and once again I was not disappointed but came back to my room feeling like a glutton.

Monell’s is a family style restaurant that serves home cooking style food in quantities unfit for any human to consume, but you consume it all because it tastes so amazing.  Tonight we consumed: 4 main courses (pulled pork, meatloaf, fried chicken, fried catfish), about 14 side dishes, homemade biscuits and cornbread, and topping it off was homemade banana pudding. This is a restaurant that you do not want to ignore if you plan a trip to Nashville.

To top off his amazing night we ended up sharing a table with Vanderbilt University QB Larry Smith Jr and his family.  He was an awesome guy and has great potential to succeed at the college level when it comes his time to lead the offense.  He is a red-shirt freshman from Prattville High School where he was named the state of Alabama’s Mr. Football and lead them to a state 6A title.

Great Food, Great Night


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