Attn: Youth Pastors

Hope this post finds all of you well. To all those serving in youth ministry, I wanted to see if you would be willing to answer a survey for me.  Since 2004, I have been researching burnout in youth ministry and working on putting together that research into book form. Now that I am done with seminary, I really want to dig into this project.  I wanted to see if you would help me with this research?  Below is the survey, let me know if any of the questions are unclear.  Thank you in advance for your insight into this subject. You can reply here or send to the email listed below.  

  • Burnout Survey 
  • Name: 
  • Church/Organization: Position:  
  1.       What do you believe are the common causes of burnout in youth ministry?           
  2. What do you believe are some warning signs that you are burnt out or may be on the cusp of experiencing burnout? 
  3.   Do you feel burnout is a major issue that is plaguing youth ministers? If yes why do you feel it happens so often?   
  4. What are some unfair expectations that you believe are placed on youth workers and how does that affect performance and job satisfaction?  How do expectations lead to burnout?   
  5. What are the dangers of comparing your ministry to the ministry of others and how can that affect us personally?  
  6.   In your ministry what event/ events have shaken your faith and made you doubt your calling or feel insufficient to lead? 
  7.  Share stories of how fellow staff members (senior pastor, education minister etc) encouraged you or discouraged you in your ministry? What impact did this have on your ministry
  8.    Share a personal story of when you experienced burnout in ministry.  What caused it? What were your thoughts during that time? What helped you get out of the pit of burnout and be refreshed? 
  9.  How important are mentors, family, co-laborers and friends in staying fresh in youth ministry? Why?
  10.  What advice would you give youth workers who are beginning to feel hints of burnout?  What are the keys to staying fresh? 
  11. What value does your call to ministry have in staying fresh and avoiding burnout? 
  12. For someone who is burnout what advice would you give them about how to reconnect with God and allow Him to refresh them?  
  13.  Even though ministry takes so much out of you at times, what keeps you going? What makes you desire to keep pouring your life into students? 
  14. If this research were to be used in a published book would you be willing for us to use your answers and quote you by name?

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