A New Me


I have never been much for the idea of New Years resolutions because rarely do I end up keeping them.  So I am hesitant to call these New Years resolutions, but I had made a few promises to myself and Tiffany about things that I want to do now that I have finally finished seminary.  These are things I have thought about for a long time and have already begun working on since my graduation on December 14.  For so long Seminary has taken a lot of my spare time that normally would be filled with recreation and hobbies.  My desires  not for just 2008, but for the rest of my life here on Earth are:

1.) Memorize more Scripture

2.) Read more for enjoyment

3.) Eat Better

4.) Make working out a part of my life

5.) Do more spontaneous and romantic things for Tiffany

6.) Start collecting autographs again

7.) Attend more events that my students are involved in

Some of these may seem trivial and some if you know me may make you laugh, but I have never felt so free and driven in my entire life. I am already working hard at 2,3,4 and 6 and plan to get on the others starting today.

Small Victories

– I have not had a Soda in 6 days

– I have not had fast food in 6 days

– I have already completed a book this year

– I joined 24 Hour Fitness on December 27 and have been working out hard

– I have been watching my calories and writing down everything I eat since Dec 27

– I have already lost 4 pounds

More updates will come as I go, please help hold me accountable


5 thoughts on “A New Me

  1. Hey, Darrell.

    Saw your post on John Shore’s blog and thought I’d take a peek over here.

    Congrats on your degree and on your loss (4 lbs.)

    Sorry to see that you’re a Boston fan; we all have our flaws.

    Thought you might enjoy the French Toast Alert System – from the Universal Hub in Boston.


  2. here’s a new year’s resolution…

    ask the houston astros for forgiveness for owning and wearing a red sox cap and for posting that pic.

    shame on you.

    go astros,

  3. dude it is okay to have two teams as long as they are in different leagues. I have rooted for the soxs since 1985, but I must admit my love for the astros began in 1982 so I do have a longer lasting affection for them. Rest assured I have an astros shirt and cap in my closet. The astros are still my first love, they mean almost as much to me as velcro shoes, and you know how deep that runs.

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