What Dreams May Come

Have you ever had a really weird dream and wondered where the inspiration for the dream came from?  About a month and a half ago I had a dream that has been intriguing me and if I am honest given me more than one chuckle.  I figured it was time to come clean before all of the world about this amazing journey of dreams.

The dream starts with me riding down the highway in a computer chair.  The computer chair is going at a high rate of speed, like that of a nice sedan or a swift truck.  As the chair rolls down the highway I am shifting gears, as you would in any computer chair, when all of a sudden a squirrel runs out in front of my chair.  If you are not aware, computer chairs do not have breaks, so I ran over the squirrel and decapitated him.  In horror I somehow bring the chair to a stop and go back to check on the squirrel.  As I approach the squirrel, the headless animal rises from the ground and begins to viciously attack my feet.  In protection I begin to furiously kick my feet to fend off the headless monster.  I awake from my dream and I am kicking the snot out of my bed and my heart was beating like no other.  Man it was so real, and so scary, to be honest it is surprising I did not wet myself.

What does it mean???


5 thoughts on “What Dreams May Come

  1. Okay the dream is weird, but it’s a dream. My question is about the awake part – Why do you have snot in your bed???

    I’m enjoying your blogs, and thanks for the clip of Mike Huckabee.

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