Romo better than Aikman?

I know living here in Dallas that the assumption that anyone is better than the golden boy Aikman is a cardinal sin but as a lifelong Cowboys fan I am going to make this statement. It could be the greatest overreaction of all-time, but I believe when all is said and done Romo will be regarded as a better quarterback than Troy. This all hinging on longevity and if he can stay healthly through out his career.


I never remember feeling so confident in the quarterbacking situation in Dallas than I do now, even during the 90’s. I know the arguments for Aikman: a stronger NFC in the 90’s, more running plays, and less weapons but I still think if you look at the stats you will be amazed at the quality of Romo’s numbers.


Romo: 22 Starts: 470 completions 717 Attempts 6220 yards 51 tds 27 int


Aikman: 26 Starts (1989-1990) 381 completions 692 attempts 4328 yards 20 tds and 36 interceptions


Even if you look at career stats most of Romo’s outweigh Troy’s


Highest QB Rating for a Season: Aikman- 99.0 ; Romo- 107.1


Highest TD Count- Season: Romo- 33 and counting; Aikman- 23


Highest Completion percentage for season: Romo- 66.0; Aikman- 69.1(in his 5th Season)


Anyone agree? Disagree? I know some must be left up to history to see if Romo can win SuperBowls like Aikman but I think Romo is amazing.


6 thoughts on “Romo better than Aikman?

  1. i think that only time will tell on whether tony romo will be considered just as good as aikmen. he has the potential and skills to do well, and hopefully he does. after the last few years the cowboys have had its nice to be this confident in the fact that the cowboys are going to the Super Bowl. GO COWBOYS!!! bye darrel :O)

  2. I dont think Romo is one of the greats yet, only history will tell. He is great for football, and great for Dallas right now, which is where we are living. In the moment. He cant really sit there and worry about the future.
    Tony smiles more then any qb I have ever seen, he smiles in good and bad times. Sort of “Hey I have the greatest job in the world attitude”. How can that not be good for somthing. No matter what the history books say, he got 60mil+ coming to him, he is on “Americas Team”, dating the hottest women (well thats in the eye of the beholder), and he wasnt ever projected as even being a top starting qb. So I think he feels he really has nothing to prove which allows him to go out and just play well.

    Who knows, I love Romo. But Aikman is still the King of Dallas I feel.

    Cowboys Chris your friendly neighborhood
    Tony Romo fan.

  3. Received this comment by email, thought I would post it here for further discussions..

    “I agree with your basic premise that Tony Romo is a better QB then Troy Aikman. I also think you need to consider the two different times they played and the people Aikman surrounds himself with and Romo surrounds himself with. Romo has a better front line, I believe a better wide receiver, better running back and a better tight end then Aikman had. Barber I think is and will show to be a better running back the Emmett Smith (and you know I’m a big UF fan). T.O. is a better wide out then Michael Irvin was (although they both shoot off there mouth the same.) and Romo’s front line is easily better the Aikman had. Romo is a better QB, but he also has the better supporting cast.”

    Kevin L. Thomas, Sr.

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