The Pursuit of Beauty

” I’m not Josie Grossy anymore”

Yes, a few nights ago my wife subjected me to the movie “Never Been Kissed” with Drew Barrymore. I had seen the movie before, but I guess this quote just resonated with me more than the first time I heard it. Drew’s character Josie is now 25 years old but has never let go of the teasing and ribbing that she received from the popular girls in high school. They told her that she wasn’t pretty and she wasn’t acceptable.

Of late I have been heartbroken by the burden that teenage girls and young women face to become what our society calls sexy or beautiful. So many of them are looking for acceptance and looking to become what photographers, television producers, music executives, hiphop artists and magazine editors say they should be.

How long will girls buy into this lie and how long will we as guys feed into this by our words and actions? My hope is that girls will begin to believe the truth of God’s Word that you are fearfully and wonderfully made and that God’s love is unconditional and is not based on who you think you should be but He loves who you are. Not who you can become, but He loves who you are, just as you are.

There is a song written by a great friend of mine named Josh Martin, who has blessed me in so many ways. Josh wrote this song after meeting a 15-year old girl who was cutting herself because she didn’t think she was pretty.

Uncover yourself
Unmask your eyes
You’re beautiful
And I don’t want to hear otherwise
Your smile it brings joy to each day
And the lies of the past they will soon fade away
And bring a new beginning

You have been given
Something that is bigger
Than what you’ll ever see in a mirror
You have been trusted
With a beauty that is something
That will never be uncovered in a picture

What you see is not what you get
Cause by the looks of things
You’re more than I know
You’re more than you show
You’re more than this world
Has ever given you credit for
You’re gifted you’re talented
Oh so compassionate
You just seem to be hiding
Won’t you come out of hiding

Why do you run
Why do you hide
From the beauty you have
From the treasure that lives inside of you

Girls… God loves you the way you are and he made you beautiful. Don’t let the lie of the culture rob you of joy and fulfillment in who you are. You more than this world gives you credit for.


4 thoughts on “The Pursuit of Beauty

  1. Unfortunately, girls are primarily judged by their looks. It’s the reason that they wear makeup and men (typically) do not. Social status for girls starts and ends with looks as the other factors (personality, wealth, etc.) do not really factor into initial attraction with men.

    On the flip side, women are attracted to confident and humorous, high-value men.

    As I said, this is an unfortunate fact of life. I am glad that I am a male where my sub-par looks can be compensated by my personality and being an interesting person.

  2. so all this is true…if we(girls) came to the realization that we were made the way we are for a specific reason and realize that we are perfectly and wonderfully made by somebody who put their time and love into us then we wouldnt hear everyday about girls struggling from anoerxia or girls being belimic…if girls started loving the curves they have and the weight they see on the scale then i think this world would be so much more peaceful…as well as girls gettin over the fear of stepping on the scale i think guys need to realize that whether they think it does or not every thing they say to us hurts or affects the way we believe ourselves to look…if we all just realized that there’s no way to get out of the body we are in except work out and be totally happy with who we are then we wouldnt have to worry about not being pretty or skinny enough for some guy because we’d believe in ourselves…

  3. Chantel thanks for a girl’s perspective on this and I would highlight a portion of what you said as a challenge to guys out there ” i think guys need to realize that whether they think it does or not every thing they say to us hurts or affects the way we believe ourselves to look” Guys you have a obligation to encourage the women in your life.

    Balanced man, I agree with you it is so much easier to be a guy because there is not such a value placed on our looks. Which is positive in my situation haha. Wish more men had the character that women do to look past the outer to see the inner beauty.

  4. hey man, I created the WordPress account, but still may post on both of them. The link is the same danmtz.wordpress. I’m subscribed to yours I think, but yeah I’ll use both so you can access easily.

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