Kick them while they are down

Why is it in our nature to kick people while they are already down? I ask this as I think about celebrities such as Britney Spears and Lindsey Lohan who have been butchered by the media and population as a whole, over the last few years.  I just wonder why does it make people fair game for being treated inhumanely just because they are given the title of celebrity? 

I know that neither of these girls has been an example of what any of us would want our daughters to become, but we must remember that they are human.  Contrary to our belief; they do have feelings, and as parents we must remember that they are someones daughter. Most of all, we must remember that they are sinners in need of grace just like me and just like you.

Lest you compare me to Chris Crocker , my reason for writing this is to say that these girls need to see the love of God in us as Christians.  Daily Britney and Lindsey are lambasted by late night talk shows such as Letterman, Leno and Jimmey Kimmel and who can forget all the fat jokes made about Britney after her mtv music awards performance.  Let us venture into real life for a second, what type a person with any feelings would chastise a woman who has had 2 children in the last few years about their weight?  Weight is a sensitive subject with women.  Any woman who was chastised to the extent of Britney could seemingly be plunged into depression, because they are already sensitive about the changes in their body since their pregnancy.

We can talk all day about the injustices I feel these girls have faced.  In spite of their failures and the paths they have chosen shouldn’t we be encouraging them to get back up and encouraging them to better things rather than lambasting them with judgment and hateful comments? Why does someone else destroying their life make us so happy? Why is that funny to us? Shouldn’t our hearts be broken for these whose lives are spinning out of control? Remember Jesus words, ” let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”

So what can we do?  If we are the church, and by the church I mean the collective body of Christ we should:

  • Pray fervently for these celebrities such as Britney and Lindsey and others whose lives are spinning out of control
  • Pray for the families of these celebrities ( Britney’s Kids, parents etc)
  • Write a letter to these celebrities letting them know you are praying and encourage them such as Southland Christian Church has done.
  • Become broken for the people without Jesus in Hollywood

11 thoughts on “Kick them while they are down

  1. I so agree with you! I have been praying for Brittany the past couple of years…I wish that I could talk to her but you know…I am not famous! She is so in need of the Father!
    I can not stand those magazines that talk bad about all the celebrities…this week their fabulous..the next not! It is ridiculous! As a Beautiful Woman of God, I know where my self worth lies but how can women who don’t know this, and be judged so harshly, cope with it all?!

  2. I am glad that there are Christian women out there who are praying for her. I agree without a realization that God made you beautiful in His image, some of these comments could really harm these women. Hurtful words are not easily forgotten.

  3. Darrell, Thanks again for stepping out and offering this alternative view concerning celebrities. When we view others, including celebs, with the loving eyes of Jesus rather than those of specualtion and disgust, we will be motivated to live ot the great commission. It was good to get to know you a little better yesterday. Lets get together again. Blessings.

  4. John-

    It is easy to type this in a blog but so hard to live out. I think this is an area that God is really softening me. I believe God has been intent on teaching me to look at all people from the lenses of His eyes and not my human lenses which I find are typically foggy and judgemental. Who will love them and encourage them if we don’t?

    It was awesome doing coffee with you too bro, next we take this new friendship to the b-ball court 🙂


  5. I have been thinking about this a lot since the beginning of this semester Darrell, glad you wrote on it.

    It seems that it is natural human nature that we revel that these people who seemingly had it all are now going through trouble, because even though we as a culture worship stars, I think that in our sinfulness and selfishness we also disdain them. So when their lives start to be in shambles we rejoice because we go “see they’re really not different than us after all.” And in it we miss the whole point.

    I don’t know if you have read much of Donald Millers stuff, but he talks about an interview he watched with Tom Arnold, where Tom said pretty much the reason anyone goes into acting is because they are broken people seeking affirmation. And that’s the thing, we pretend that somehow they are better than us because they have the money and the fame and the beauty, but they are suffering from the same things we are. That is why they all feel they have to live so extravagantly in my opinion.

    What is interesting is at the end of the day, we revel in that the worlds idea of being blessed isn’t everything we think it is. It’s the irony of our culture.

  6. ” though we as a culture worship stars, I think that in our sinfulness and selfishness we also disdain them” – that part of what you said I feel is really insightful. I think it is true we love them, but inside we also burn with envy because we feel that it isn’t fair that they have acheived this notarity and we haven’t. We as humans have this huge desire to be known and recognized and who is more known and recognized than a celebrity. Maybe it is our jealousy that causes us to applaud when those who have the limelight seemingly fall. God help us to love and not envy.

  7. though he’s told his fair share of “tabloid jokes”, here’s an interesting monologue from craig ferguson early this year (in the wake of britney’s head-shaving incident).

  8. Great post.

    I think Brittney Spears is what Madonna was culturally when I was in Junior High. One of the few things I remember about any sermon I heard in Junior High went like this:

    Preacher: Does anyone have any questions of me?

    Person in Audience: …smugly… What do you think of Madonna.

    Me and every other Christian: thinking….Oh, man. Here we go. This guy is going to affirm all of our feelings that Madonna is the anti-Christ and that the church should find a legal way to kill her.

    Preacher: I think Madonna needs Jesus. I think Christians should spend the time they spend blasting her doing what Jesus would do-pray for her.

    Me and the other Christians: ugh, shot in the gut

  9. yeah my natural inclination is to look at her and say what a loser, but then I realize without God’s grace I could be there too and that my calling is to pray for her and if given the opportunity encourage her.

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