Random Ramblings

I am starting to realize that I am way too forgetful to be the writer of a widely read blog. Although I am sure few read these ramblings and those who do read them find them to be elementary in nature, I still have this pressing need to pour myself into this page. I thought today I would just share a short list of things I have been learning: through God, through reading, through people, through life. Feel free to comment on these discoveries.

1.) Prayer is foundational. I have always known this, but for once I am learning to apply this truth. It is foundational: for life, for decision making, for ministry, for the sustaining of my intimacy with God, for understanding of the scriptures, for personal healing, for ministring to others, for evangelism…. need I continue??? I guess for once I realize that if I want to see the miraculous happen, I must consult the one who has infinite power to bring these things to pass.

2.) Picking the right cab driver is important. My experience riding in cabs was limited until taking my recent trip to Boston. I learned that cabs are expensive, cab drivers appreciate loyalty and that rival cab companies are cut throat. I can’t imagine my trip without our amazing cab driver Gary ” The Guvnah” Griswold. Picking the right cab driver can be the key to a positive experience or a negative experience in the city you visit. We spoke with multiple people who said their cab drivers did not know where any of the sites in Boston were, that they got lost and the cab driver was not friendly to them. They were not enjoying boston, until they met the Guvnah. If you find a good cab driver see if they are willing to take you around the duration of your trip. Good cabbies are few and far between.

3.) Chinese Food for Breakfast isn’t as weird as it sounds. In the Atlanta Airport Andrew ordered chinese food at Panda Express for breakfast. I am talking it was like 8:30 am. I thought that was idiotic and gross, until he was unable to finish his meal and I consumed the rest and realized great chinese is far better than icy hashbrowns from a restuarant (Arby’s) that no one knew even had a breakfast menu.

4.) An awesome quote that speaks for itself by Jerry Bridges,” The Gospel is not only the most important message in all of history; it is the only essential message in all of history.” I am learning the magnitude of what Jesus did on the cross and how that should affect every inch of my life. Jesus died on the cross so I must die to myself; Jesus died on the cross so I must show grace to others, Jesus died on the cross so everything in my life I must count as loss in comparison to knowing Him.

These are four for now… stay tuned for more COMMENTS????????


One thought on “Random Ramblings

  1. Hey friend I know a thing or two about blogging and since you want to know I will share. Actually you may not want to know but I will share anyways.

    1. Comment, Comment, Comment. Nothing improves the traffic to my site better than commenting on other peoples blogs. If you like it tell them about it. Not only will they often look at what you have to say and comment about your post but so will other readers on those blogs. So comment.

    2. Trust. People do not care what people think if they do not trust those people. So who are you? Why should I read this? That is another reason why you have to make friends online. Then they will read what you write because they know you.

    3. Be consistent. If they keep showing up for a no show they will stop showing up. I have found that if I post something new every two days my stats wont drop and I don’t over kill myself. Surely with a big thriving ministry like yours and all the craziness in the world you can find something to give your wisdom about every two days.

    If all of that does not work just mention SEX or Paige Paterson in your post and they will be over running your band with in no time. Keep blogging man you are doing fine.

    P.S. a customized site communicates something to those who are avid bloggers. No offense against your layout here but everyone knows you just picked it and didnt customize it at all. There are some in wordpress that you can change the header too. I really do mean this as help if you want it. The site looks nice.

    Your friend,
    Josh King

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